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By District

The Voter Information was last updated: 3/26/2015 4:55:24 PM
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11TH CONG DIST752719045684431066288
13TH CONG DIST1254348421228401142140278
14TH CONG DIST299666258535452795007
16TH CONG DIST387242244833261856452
27TH SENATE56049995125390739141035
28TH SENATE2133476001879801858216990
34TH HOUSE1026216106172721573616
35TH HOUSE612014585687541764474
36TH HOUSE4952453269378122678900
37TH HOUSE255656457582252684054
38TH HOUSE304843504956821356981
CUYAHOGA FALLS16431999296103733262
MUNROE FALLS1372683240033648
NEW FRANKLIN7678277890049488
TWINSBURG CITY321583117981212705
BOSTON HTS VILL25105900001030
CLINTON VILL7314363010847
LAKEMORE VILL70391719001828
MOGADORE VILL4312901174221899
NORTHFIELD VILL691012169012340
PENINSULA VILL583933501433
RICHFIELD VILL1162212381102719
SILVER LAKE VILL1052101773002088
BATH TWP4127096552047677
BOSTON TWP314843400513
COPLEY TWP458656105710111686
COVENTRY TWP3862436573237207
NORTHFIELD CTR TP1452403768124156
RICHFIELD TWP891561764022011
SAGAMORE HLS TWP2526437152008047
SPRINGFIELD TWP3513318408049094
TWINSBURG TWP40872108012236
STARK EDUC SRVCS1142371049101401
SUMMIT EDUC SRVCS508355786277283373474
AKRON CSD14127224399398520115793
AURORA CSD222132200365
BARBERTON CSD15504391305111015051
COVENTRY LSD5383207965238828
CPLY-FAIRLN CSD714934141680115817
CUY FALLS CSD11681330248823527388
GREEN LSD12931575149923817871
HIGHLAND LSD4613300143
HUDSON CSD3971530163351518268
MANCHESTER LSD5625594834045959
MOGADORE LSD4312901174221899
NORDONIA HLS CSD7801477208141423076
NORTHWEST LSD1142371049101401
NORTON CSD6495878092009328
REVERE LSD7211229129431714901
SPRINGFIELD LSD471382107260411583
STOW-MUN FLS CSD82318832522901127946
TALLMADGE CSD1093576111462412821
TWINSBURG CSD414754159793417154
WOODRIDGE LSD10671223101380512433
CUY VALLEY CAREER191534604973651555131
MAPLEWOOD CAREER4312901174221899
PORTAGE LAKE286428363851751944241
STARK CAREER1142371049101401
COUNTY COUNCIL 1156528274379351148201
COUNTY COUNCIL 2248016403686631141000
COUNTY COUNCIL 3169741304420111550044
COUNTY COUNCIL 4526915153700111043796
COUNTY COUNCIL 551611573414181848161
COUNTY COUNCIL 639061238363334841489
COUNTY COUNCIL 7346719903443131739908
COUNTY COUNCIL 8339326823932771745426
AK S C PUB LBRY22450114012165231662250452
BARB PUB LBRY15504391305111015051
CANAL FULTON LBRY1142371049101401
CUYAHOGA FALLS LBRY11681330248823527388
HUD LIB-HIS SOC3671471152201517064
PRTG CO DIS LBRY222132200365
STOW PUB LBRY82318832522901127946
TWINS PUB LBRY414754159793417154
AKRON MUNI CT164734678131386835152580
BARBERTON MUNI CT511043736062572670141
STOW MUNI CT535585441213591036135304
NORTH HILLS WATER378833103681211582
AKRON WARD 1161532895310311477
AKRON WARD 101048219103860111654
AKRON WARD 2118326394500410900
AKRON WARD 3154973103870012009
AKRON WARD 42600130118362514573
AKRON WARD 5133083103700011783
AKRON WARD 61057345107922312199
AKRON WARD 7163026699930011889
AKRON WARD 81959691123790315032
AKRON WARD 978318494521310423
BARBERTON WARD 1239692301142614
BARBERTON WARD 2289842220022595
BARBERTON WARD 3362782374022816
BARBERTON WARD 4202512071012325
BARBERTON WARD 5214712101012387
BARBERTON WARD 6250791971002300
C FLS WARD 11521003661103914
C FLS WARD 21861503683014020
C FLS WARD 32184473646004311
C FLS WARD 41561353833114126
C FLS WARD 52882973526104112
C FLS WARD 61561393689023986
C FLS WARD 71611493604013915
C FLS WARD 83265823968024878
FAIRLAWN WARD 1256681800909
FAIRLAWN WARD 25782916001055
FAIRLAWN WARD 3364983100916
FAIRLAWN WARD 4232883200883
FAIRLAWN WARD 5476272301833
FAIRLAWN WARD 6626369200817
GREEN WARD 12653443989024600
GREEN WARD 23103733604124290
GREEN WARD 33444563928214731
GREEN WARD 43744013464034242
HUDSON WARD 1883713815014275
HUDSON WARD 21063753813004294
HUDSON WARD 3923603815034270
HUDSON WARD 4813683792114243
MUNROE FALLS WARD 1471021136011286
MUNROE FALLS WARD 234821073001189
MUNROE FALLS WARD 356841031021173
NEW FRANKLIN WARD 11711442023002338
NEW FRANKLIN WARD 22462541995032498
NEW FRANKLIN WARD 32192632036012519
NEW FRANKLIN WARD 41311661836002133
NFLD VILL WARD A183451200564
NFLD VILL WARD B102055400584
NFLD VILL WARD C272154200590
NFLD VILL WARD D142656101602
NORTON WARD 11651231734002022
NORTON WARD 21401341713001987
NORTON WARD 31501521763002065
NORTON WARD 4122891728001939
SIL LAKE DIST A274544300515
SIL LAKE DIST B295543100515
SIL LAKE DIST C246046400548
SIL LAKE DIST D255043500510
STOW WARD 12214205544006185
STOW WARD 21524295987006568
STOW WARD 31323124618035065
STOW WARD 41824515698056336
TALLMADGE WARD 12821372700003119
TALLMADGE WARD 23011882926143420
TALLMADGE WARD 32471122739003098
TALLMADGE WARD 42611372766103165
TWINSBURG WARD 147852218112352
TWINSBURG WARD 2581172313012489
TWINSBURG WARD 3811452532002758
TWINSBURG WARD 4741342428002636
TWINSBURG WARD 5611022307002470
METRO PARKS26617170123015722495345320
5TH STATE BD OF ED56049995125390739141035
7TH STATE BD OF ED2133476001879801858216990
9TH COURT OF APPEALS26938175953133702597358025
RICHFIELD REC DIST2053774145124730
Summit County Board of Elections
470 Grant St.
Akron, OH 44311
Telephone: (330) 643-5200
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